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Masjid Al-Qadim Sibu, Sarawak
The Event Management Go-To Book
The Architecture of Traditional Dwellings and Masjid in the Malay Nations
Short Case Studies In Business and Management
Shariah-Compliant Investment Wealth Creation and Distribution Performance
Masjid Al-Qadim, Nadi Masyarakat Islam Sibu
The Conservation of Masjid Al-Qadim Sibu Sarawak
Reverse Osmosis Concentration Application On Pineapple Juice
Advanced Coating Technology for Guava
Acacia Wood : Cultivation, Harvesting & Processing
Accounting Conservatism: Financial Performance of Shariah-Compliant Companies
Person-Environment Congruence in Architecture Studio Environment
Antenna Material and Buffer Amplifier For Lightning Electric Fields Measurement
Thick & Thin Bamboo: Properties, Spectroscopy, Microscopy
Rural Tourism Positioning Strategies By Local Communities In Sarawak
Transformational Leadership. Group Cohesiveness, Performance of Cooperatives Movement
Electrical Power Simplified
Isu-isu Pembangunan Komuniti Luar Bandar di Malaysia

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